December 3rd, 2009

More on CABAL Reloaded!


[Additional Changes]
(1) Change in the Graphics of Training Equipment (The default equipment you receive when you create a character.)
(2) Change in Location and Properties of Field Monsters of lvl 95 and Up.
A. Forgotten Ruin: Some monsters’ attack range is decreased.
B. Lakeside: Lv required to enter the Lakeside is now lowered to Lv110.
C. Mutant Forest: Lumberjack and Entrita’s immunity is deleted.
(3) Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside, Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum: Change in location and increase in the number of some monsters.
(4) Improvement in Force Shielder Battlemode 2
A. Reduced Casting Time
B. Increased Damage: The skill AMP of ‘Shield Storm’ now applies to Magic skills.
(5) The amplification of Force Blader Battle Mode 2 Skill is changed from Magic Amp to Sword Amp.

(6) Increase in the Maximum Value for Overlapped Buff Values. (Doubled)
A. Warrior’s maximum attack value has increased from 500 to 1000.
B. Force Blader’s maximum critical rate has increased from 25% to 50%.
(7) Change in Equipment Reward
(8) DX Panic Cave Renewal
A. Difficulty level has been lowered about 30%
Nualle’s chasing speed has been slowed down.
B. For all difficulty levels, epic items are dropped with high probability.
For defensive equipments only rare / SIGMetal grade (maximum 2 slots) helmets are dropped.
(9) The gate area that appeared when moving from a map to another has been removed.
(10) During conversations with NPCs. skill boasting is no more allowed.

(11) Icons indicating NPCs and party members on the GPS/mini-map have been redesigned.
(12) Temporary inventory now opens only when there are items inside it.
(13) Event notice icons changed.
(14) When casting a skill, cool time indicator has changed.
A. Previous: skill icon is shown dark during cool time, and then returns to bright.
New: After skill use, bright section of the darkened skill icon expands clockwise, according to its cool time.
(15) Pet EXP now shows to two decimal points.

(16) Scroll bars for chat box / game message box has been changed.
A. If the scroll bar is dragged to a specific position, it remains in its place even if new words appear on the box.
B. If there are no chat/system messages for a certain period of time, the letters now gradually disappear.
(17) Help contents added and changed.
(18) Cool time application for wizard’s raise spirit skill has changed.
A. Cool time now applies to the individual players who receive the skill.
① When the raise sprit skill’s own cool time has been cleared, the skill can be cast to any party member who is not under
the skill’s cool time.
B. Cool time is 5 minutes per character, and the cool time does not reset upon the character’s death or re-connection.
C. When the remaining cool time becomes 30 seconds or less, now the skill icon does not blink anymore.
D. Player cool time icon for raise spirit skill as been added.
① When the skill is cast on a player the icon (in a de-buff icon form) appears and remains for five minutes.
② The icon remains regardless of the character’s re-connection or death
E. Cool Time Application: Once the cool time is applied to a character, it goes for 5 minutes, regardless of the character’s status.
Ex) If a player disconnects when his cool time was 4 minutes, and then re-connects 3 minutes after, then his cool time becomes
1 minute at the time of log in.
(19) During Wizard’s Double Caster mode, if auto attack has been checked, two of the skills in the quick slot are automatically casted.
(20) Pressing enter key enables you to proceed when Chaos Arena or Mission War entry confirm window pops up.

(21) When invited to a party, the enter key does not apply to the accept icon anymore.
(22) Rolling/ Dash / Blink / Fade Step are now forbidden to use in prison.
(23) On the quest list tab, “Show available quests only” check box is now checked as default.
(24) Options changed for Happy Birthday ring
A. Previous: Critical Rate +20% / Critical DMG +20%
B. New: Critical Rate +15% / Critical DMG +20% / Sword Skill AMP +10% / Magic Skill AMP +10%
(25) The shop selling price of duration weapons and equipments has been changed. (Now their selling price is lower than permanent items.)

(26) Blended Rune activation will be notified on screen in red letters during PK or PVP.
(27) The message that has been shown upon the use of lamps or cube type items has been deleted.
(28) Re-spawn period of named monsters has been reduced.
A. Re-spawn period of named monster on field, such as Ape+, Ghost+, Mechzard+, etc. has been halved.
(29) Some of the quest scripts have been changed.
(30) The system messages that appear when items at the personal shop are sold are now shown in different colors depending on the price of the item sold.

(31) Level requirement for training apprentice rank skills has been lowered.
A. Previous: Apprentice – Lv20 (battle style lv3) or higher
B. New: Apprentice – Lv10 (battle style lv2) or higher.
(32) The amount of MP used for activating Battle Aura has been lowered to 20.
(33) Change in showing skill information.
A. The additional damage on the skill information is now shown in integers
B. Attk / Magic Attk Amp changed to Sword / Magic Amp.
C. The duration of buff type skills will be shown in integers only. – Decimals will not be shown.
(34) When auto attack option is enabled, the character’s action after upon failing a combo will be changed.
A. Previous – Character stops action upon combo failure.
B. New – Character uses any skill available upon combo failure
(35) Increase in Alz drop rate and decrease in Alz drop amount.

(36) The defense of Zigdris Faello, boss monster of (Weakened) Lake in Dusk, has decreased by 30%.
(37) Santa Fury Epaulet now can be sold to the NPC shop.
(38) When you open the skill window of a magic using character, the magic skill tab shows as default.
(39) New Titles Added

(40) Guild warehouse storage fee is now shown.

(41) Guild anniversary titles added.
(42) The Formula Card that has been already registered is now indicated on tool tip.
(43) During party play, when a bind item (except for weapons and equipment) is looted, the item’s image is shown on the item division window.
(44) ‘Hide Message’ checkbox added on the warning window that pops up when trying to sell valuable items to NPC shops.
(45) Names are now shown on the entrances to each world in the Warp Center.

(46) ‘New’ labels added to skills newly trained.
(47) SP5000 points are also given as the reward for the 10lv Battle Style Level Up quest.

CABAL Reloaded shall be up on December 17, 2009.

This would be our early Christmas gift to all our beloved CABALists!

Credits:  Thanks to our beloved PM Boom for this very detailed notes ^^



  1. P@king Teyp:

    FB, FS, WIZ’S skills were changed what about other characters like Bladers. add more cdi or amp on their skills.


  2. junether:

    anu ba nman un d na mamawal ung COOLING time pag nag recon or pag dead… sayang nman dun ang magandang part eh.. peo tnx for updating the cabal alz drop rate


  3. adviser:

    How about FA???????? wew kwawa nmn mga FA gaya q ~.^


  4. Messie:

    Wah! ano un? May change nga sa wiz pero nerf naman??? Lalong di makakatulong iyung Raise Spirit buff sa partymembers niyan dahil sa bagong cooldown system.. Bad trip naman, sa FS additional dmg, sa FB magic amp to sword amp, tapos sa Wiz, new cooldown system for a freakin party buff? Wow! alang sense grabe! !@#!@$!@#$


  5. Messie:

    OMG P@king Teyp, add CDI to Bladers skills? are you effin with me? Lol ano gusto mo? maging Blader online ang Cabal? ampf.


  6. LorDefender:

    WAT the!?! bakit gnun ADD DMG nga sa FS bm2 kaso pang MFS NMN ung idinagdag…lugi n nga SFS sa bm1 kac more on Magic attack ung additives ng BM1 tapos sa BM2 lugi pa rin SFS!?! anu b yan >_<


  7. futekkau:

    anu ba yan npaka-hindi pinagisipan tong bagong patch, panu na pvp system kung pati CD papakielaman nyo? d ba kau nagiicp? sa pvp kumikita ang cabal wag naman mxadong engot, dagdag cdi sa BL panu mga WA? bihira n nga mag crit lugi pa sa CDI. ayaw nyo yta ng players eh dinagdagan nga alz bomb drop rate babawasan naman alz amount edi ganun din


  8. futekkau:

    no to reloaded


  9. jhayR:

    gm kelan po mag kakaroon ang charecter ng extrang ring sa korea apat na ring ang gamit????


  10. jhayR:

    gm kelan po mag kakaroon ang character ng extrang ring sa korea apat na ring ang gamit????


  11. balasubas:

    sa next patch din , ksama nyang reloaded na yan ung 4 slots na rings .. KASI NAMAN CHARMS kalito eh, From CHANGE UP naging RELOADED, kala tuloy iba yang patch na yan dun sa reloaded…


  12. GoodDrinker:

    Wow Dec17 na walang update sa BL?


  13. GoodDrinker:

    imba = WA FS FB
    nerf = WI
    nothing change = BL FA


  14. La la la.. Anis :P:

    hihintyn pa po ba ung dec. 17 bago makalaro? >.< *repost* :D


  15. P@king Teyp:

    @Messie Mag request ka na lang na dagdagan damage warriors wag mo na epalan request ko sa bladers. ^_^V


  16. badnews:

    parang mahirap po ata etong patch na to for wizard… para pinapalabas ni2 na wag abusuhin ang Raise Spirit. dati recon and recon para ma cd ang Raise Spirit ngaun wait and wait


  17. punk17:

    anu ba namn yan….ala man lng insentive sa blader???????? lugi na nga kami pag cooldown ng trans bufff namin…????do somthing namn po!!!


  18. DARKloRD:



  19. vanzke:

    uhmm sana meron buff na COMPLETER ang mga FB lugi din kase kami sa HP wew d pareha nang mga warrior ang blader sakit na ang crit sobrang laki pa nang HP!!!!


  20. ryincel:

    kamusta na ung rumorous na “art of curse” skill ng fb? wala pa ring hint kung kailan pwedeng mag appear un?


  21. Dyesebul:

    yahoo ^^


  22. crhistian:

    Gm kung pd bguhn ung skill ng shielder ung shadow shield po nila ung hindi na po nababasag hanggang matapos ung duration ng skill at Ano NgA PO PLA PDNG PABLOCK Ng emo999 kc mga scammer yan ngbebenta ng cabal rider load at ung jvy23 Hacker po un kc nahack ung kaibigan q


  23. crhistian:

    Gm kung pd bguhn ung skill ng shielder ung shadow shield po nila ung hindi na po nababasag hanggang matapos ung duration ng skill at Ano NgA PO PLA PDNG PABLOCK Ng emo999 kc mga scammer yan ngbebenta ng cabal rider load at ung jvy23 Hacker po un kc nahack ung kaibigan q


  24. crhistian:



  25. Roi:

    CM Charms i would like to ask, is it true that skills for wizards would be like this in the next patch?


  26. Roi:

    my bad:
    i would like to correct my mistake


  27. Roi:

    aw., my mistake again: its this is for sure sorry for my mistakes


  28. wiz ako:

    potek naman NERF n naman ang WIZ? wla n b kyong alam kundi I nerf ang wiz…
    hayzz sa tuwing update nerf ang WIZ.. dati BM2 ngayon naman pati CD i nerf pa..



  29. Blader aq :D:

    *Wawa naman ung mga Bailed killers D na Bail-out dhil restricted na blink/dash/roll :D (bahala na cla d ko na PROTECT ung grinders :D )
    *4 ring Slots in our equipment window.

    *lalakas lalo ang Fb at Fs sa NATION WAR Kawawa naman kami mga Bl and Fa
    *sa Wiz naman d makaka Raise Spi when RC or killed

    *May A.O.D. na nga ang FS (for backdooring an bases), habang Field of Execration, hard luck,Field of enervation and mana freeze ng FB (for killing L.W. bearer, Disable) Tapos lalo pa pinalakas ang the STRONGEST Nation War CLASHER na dalawang ito.


  30. fEaR (BL):

    ANO ba yan., kawawa naman BL at FA., matagal ng walang improvmnt ang BLs dagdag CRI manlang or dmg., sa FA naman dagdag def naman sa sobra lambot parehas lng ng WA at BL na naka noob SET ang def., hayzz isa pa yung sa WIZ buff ano ba yan mahirap na tuloy mag party DUNGEON at party BOSS hunt., yung kay lakeside boss naman., balewala naman yung 30% less def kung may SH paren! DIBA!?., yung less channels isa pa T_T., ang hirap na tuloy mag palvl lagi may kaagaw/PK nauuwi tuloy sa trash talkan., ANYWAY:: wala naman tayu magagawa ^^ players lng tayu., SANA: naman kasing ganda parin ng LAST YEAR yung christmas event., d tulad nung NOVEMBER EVENT naten this year lahat may duration (pati yung coins ko nawala after alisin yung event T_T)., yung buff potions lng maganda don sa NOV event., konti lng tuloy nag eenjoy., NYAHAHA SORI kung MEDYO OFF TOPIC na!!!!!


  31. 11GERMS:

    what about the FB : ang FB po ay wlang Buff ung pang full Buff po
    bat ung BL meron ung mga sword buff po +25%SSA
    how about the FB


  32. SparroW:

    Wa sana ung bm2 ng fs palitan po para kasing maglalaba eh parang nakahawak ng banyera..’ at trans skill po pa add dn hehe sorry po qng madami aqng sana un kc ung napapansin q eh..’ isa pa po qng nakahawak ka ng legacy weapon at namatay ka sa mwar malalaglag po ba gaya sa sienna the queen?


  33. Lou:

    bat ung pgloot ng LW pg nadead nde ndelete??? lugi kc s mga bot eh d nio nmn kaya alisin ung mga hacker..


  34. NICK:

    is this true sa next patch para sa mga wiz???


  35. DeMonKnightZ:

    Ano ba yan..?? The new patch is pretty awful..doesn’t really sound interesting.. Istead of improving the game, the GMs have it done pretty badly.. pls do make an excitng updates..not this one..well anyway, there are some good changes though.. cabal rockz ^__^


  36. ewan ko sa inyo:

    i don’t think kaya ng GM baguhin ung mga sinasabi nyo…Sila kaya nagpprogram nyan or galing lang sa korea para pang update dito sa Cabal Philippines????Halimaw na nga mga WA at Shielder pinalakas pa lalo. Wala man lang ni isang pagbabago sa BL????Nakakatuwa lang jan ung 4 rings na update eh. Ung iba kalokohan na. Kaya kung BL ka or FA or WIZ na panget set magquit ka na lang… (=’, ‘=)V


  37. kim:

    anu ba yan wla man lng pagbabago sa fa sana pinakunat man lng ng konti katamad na


  38. liona456:

    wala kasi binago sa blader kasi talagang blader na ang pinakamalakas na char. sa cabal. hehehe, itayo ang bander ng mga blader… wahhh pero sad pa rin, dapat baguhin din ang blader dapat maglagay rin cla ng buff for party, party buff ba na galing sa bl… hehehe


  39. ALL CHAR @140+ :D:

    Ang dami nyong reklamo mga hindot! eto mga options nyo…
    1. Wag maglaro ng cabal kung di kayo masaya.. QUIT!
    2. Gumawa ng character FS o FA, 2weeks lang 140 kana.. BOT, PREM, BB+, BB

    BL, WIZ at FA.. ang yayabang nyo sa PVP kung makapagtrans skill kyo.. tapos FS at FB ayaw nyo pagamit trans skill.. mga leche!


  40. tsk tsk hayzz:

    grabe naman ung reduction sa alz amount, d ko maramdaman tuloy ung lucky sevencoins set pati na rin ng soul alz ability ko, ampf. kung tinaasan ung alz drop rate, edi apektado ung item drop rate, example, nasa UG ka, cnu ba naman masisiyahan makapulot ng kakarampot na alz, e kung may osm items naman na mas mahal ang benta, un nga lng, dahil sa mataas ang drop rate ng alz, d ka makapulot ng osm. sayang din ung alz bomb,


  41. marshar:

    new patch awful…. FS khit nka 52% cri d pa rin mka lbas lbas ang crit… ang hirap mga crit ng char ngayon. mas mabuti pa blik na lng sa dti n mg dagdag na lng ng bago skill sa lhat ng char…… ang bobo ng gumagawa.


  42. in loving memoery of [gGfatal]:

    ndi kya WALA nmn tlga gnawa mga GM? sa reklamo namin? o d nila kaya baguhin ang program?….. nilalagay lng nila ang mga UPDATE n galing sa ORIGINAL creator ng CABAL…..

    Kahit ganu kadami REKLAMO
    BALEWALA…. walang naitutulong mga GM jan
    PURO random ban LANG gagawin nyan ^ ^


  43. in loving memoery of [gGfatal]:

    My BAD,,,
    in oving memory of [gGfatal]


  44. in loving memoery of [gGfatal]:

    its My BAD

    in loving memory of [gGfatal]


  45. Ivan Torrez:

    nu b naman yan hirap makabili sa saturn pnu makakabili ng set? prang mas nag panget ang cabal ngayon pagka patch………pki dagdagan nman mga magagandang set n mbibili sa saturn….


  46. edoy:

    fuck u ka gm potang ina ka. lvl 132 na ako d parin ako naka loot ng ssa o kahit ring of luck lng +2 ano bayan ang pota mo tlaga gm potang pota ka
    wlang pagaxa ang cabal buti pa mag stop nlng ako sa pag lalaro lvl 132 ako preo weak wlang item. dparin ako naka loot kahit sword lng na ssa basta ssa wla parin pota tlaga cabal mars server ako lvl 132


  47. Krap:


    Hindi ba ang wiz dapat ang mas maraming BUFF at DEBUFF SKILL??



  48. Oragonista3110:

    GM san p0h makakabili ng astral bike plzz namn p0h 1 year na aq nag hahanap ehhh wala namn p0h sa item shop T_T….


  49. Oragonista3110:

    Saturn p0h aq GM plzz comment


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